“This initiative aims to share Canada’s experience and support the adoption of similar models in other countries. The ultimate goal is to increase refugee protection by mobilizing the compassion that exists in communities around the world.”
Jennifer Bond, University of Ottawa


The Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative (GRSI) provides public education about community sponsorship of refugees around the world through a series of videos and educational tools.

Photo walk in park

© UNHCR/Annie Sakkab

Click here to access our Guidebook, which provides a comprehensive breakdown of how community sponsorship programs are designed to help actors in other countries assemble the building blocks to create their own programs. 

Click here to access our Policy Design Workbook, which guides policymakers and community leaders wishing to design refugee sponsorship programs through a core set of policy questions.

Click here to access our videos, which show the profound impact sponsorship has on individuals and communities.

Click here to access our fact sheets, which outline GRSI’s mission and work.