“There’s a tremendous desire from people around the world to respond to this crisis. The Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative creates opportunities for citizens to engage with and participate in a humanitarian effort—for the benefit of refugees and for the benefit of the communities that they live in.”  
Gregory A. Maniatis, Director, International Migration Initiative, Open Society Foundations

Press Releases and Updates

  • July 2020 - GRSI High Level Virtual Dialogue on Community Sponsorship and Third Country Solutions
  • December 2019 - GRSI Statement on the Global Refugee Forum
  • December 2019 - Joint Statement - Ministers from six countries (Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and Spain) declare their support for community sponsorship
  • July 2018 - Joint Statement – Ministers from Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Argentina, Spain and New Zealand underline their support for community-based refugee sponsorship in advance of the 2018 United Nations General Assembly and agreement on the Global Compact on Refugees 
  • September 2017 - GRSI Guidebook Launch and Announcement of Country Work on Community Sponsorship
  • July 2017 - UK Community Sponsorship Roadshows
  • June 2017 - Launch of GRSI website at UNHCR's Annual Tri-Partite Consultations on Resettlement
  • December 2016 - GRSI launch
  • September 2016 - Canada, UNHCR and Open Society Foundations seek to increase refugee resettlement through private sponsorship
  • Celebrating 2 Years of GRSI