Every day, 33,972 people are forced to flee their homes because of conflict and persecution.

Source: UNHCR December 2016

  • What is the Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative?

    “There’s a tremendous desire from people around the world to respond to this crisis. The Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative creates opportunities for citizens to engage with and participate in a humanitarian effort—for the benefit of refugees and for the benefit of the communities that they live in.” Gregory A. Maniatis, Senior Program Advisor, Open Society Foundations

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  • Community sponsorship of refugees

    Community-based programs allow private citizens and organizations to welcome refugees to their country. These people agree to provide funds for living expenses, and, almost more importantly, they offer social support to newcomers as they settle into their new communities.

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  • Design a community sponsorship program

    Countries around the world can build programs that allow citizens to welcome refugees into their communities. Learn what’s involved in creating a program.

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Community sponsorship enriches lives

Canada started its private sponsorship program in 1979. Since then, sponsors have welcomed nearly 300,000 refugees. A community group in Newfoundland shares its experiencesPlay

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